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Welcome to RAFC! This is headquarters for now. RAFC is an etherum based digital art collection inspired by Bored Ape Yacth Club, REKT Guy and Apocalyptic Apes. This is a grassroots project, we're not here for Lamborghini's. The proceeds raised from this project will go towards growing and expanding blue tide seeds and our agriculture operations. We are growing fast and we expect to increase our regenerative seedbank substantially in 2023. There will be future promotions and giveways of BTS seeds and other products for RAFC holders. We will also be pursuing partnerships and other ways we can promote regenerative ag and raise awareness. As well, feel free to claim your 5 seed packets whenever. Also, 2% of the creators fee will also be donated to the Great Barrier Reef Foundations, because without clean oceans we wouldn't even be able to produce food. This will be perpetual and the percentage will begin to increase after 5 years. This is our way of supporting such an important ecosystem, not just for Australia but for the entire planet. Members will vote and monitor these contributions. If more opportunities come up for RAFC members and that will help the environment, we will discuss them together.


Each NFT has a claim to 5 seed packets from the BTS store here. You may select any 5 packets you like, just submit the form below with your choices. Feel free to remain anonymous. We recommend the Tomatoe and Basil varieties. They are excellent for pasta and pesto.  Each packet comes with a lot of seeds so if your growing for yourself and family, one packet per variety should be plenty.

RAFC holders will also receive 25% off seedlings from the 2023 Spring Seedling Catalogue. Our seedlings ship very well to most places in Canada and US.


Find the collection here


Our DM's are always open! Please contact us through twitter @bluetideseeds or email us for more information and to place your orders!


December 2022 - Mint first batch of 200 digital art pieces. The art is a hybrid combination of Bored Ape Yacth Club x REKT Guy x AA apes. Each one is unique. 

The theme of the collection is water, coral reefs, conservation and protectionism. We selected and created traits, colors, and combinations that we think were the best at bringing those things to life. 

We also tried to incorporate an educational component, with traits like the Carroway Birds reflecting this. We believe digital art has endless possibilities and we'll do our best to try everything.

There's also an emphasis on life, and how abundant and beautiful it can be. The scorpions, koala's and some of the other traits represent this. We tried to show how if we protect our oceans, mother nature will reward us with abundance. 

January 2022 - Sell the first batch of 200. Price discovery of RAFC, at current price of around $25 we believe it is a very good deal for our customers. We have a satisfaction guarantee on all of our seeds. We have a very high germination rate and our plants are extremely hardy. The blueberry tomatoes will produce all fall. 

***BTS starts most of its sweet peppers, basil, and tomatoes varieties seeds in January and Feburary. Even if you don't have a greenhouse I'd recommend trying your best sunny windowsill, you might be surprised.

RAFC Seed Packets Order Form

RAFC Members Seed Pack Selections

*Each RAFC nft has a 1 time claim of 5 free seed packets, choose them here


Thanks for your order!

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