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Located in Ottawa, Ontario. Which was once a glacier (The Laurentide Ice Sheet), the Ottawa Valley benefited greatly from it's retreat and sediment deposit. The farm where the seeds are produce is in one of the best crop growing regions in all of Canada. The land that is used to produce Blue Tide seeds has remained natural for over 100 years.
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2022 Buttercrunch and Red Iceberg lettuce varieties. The plants in this picture directly contributed to the majority of the seeds harvested this year. We only harvest the finest seeds; the biggest seeds, seed pods, and plants.

We do quite a bit of weeding, but once the lettuce gets to a certain size there's not much to do except harvest and enjoy! This picture is a perfect example of successful regenerative farming. BTS believes that the 'weeds' can have a positive contribution to the plants growth, taste, and final seed production. Think of symbiotic relationships but just everywhere, one of my favorites is using taller plants to provide shade for lettuce. The shade keeps the lettuce in season longer. I also find my crops to have a longer shelf life, or fridge life than anything I've bought from the grocery stores. 

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